Iconic Editorial

Homage to Mucha

In times gone by, when there was no electricity, people were more tied to the seasons. Their life, their diet and their habits adapted to the seasons and exploited them.

Seasons and Life

For example, a farmer rested in the winter and sharpened his tools. In the spring he prepared the soil and planted the seeds.

Seasons of Life

In the summer he nourished the crop and protected it from pests such as insects, weeds and animals. In the autumn he reaped the results of his efforts and patience and reaped the harvest. And then he repeated the cycle.

Choice of outfit

The choice of outfits was important. Thanks to the collaboration with the artist Saverio Maggio, who created his personal creations for the project, it was possible to make the poetry inherent in the photographic story impactful.


In the modern world, due to all the technologies, we have lost touch with the seasons. We follow the same routine, the same diet and the same lifestyle throughout the year. This makes us forget the natural circles of life and therefore creates an imbalance in our lives.

Like the seasons of nature, those of life are also personal seasons:

Winter season: sadness, heartache, loneliness, illness…

The season of spring – hope, new beginnings, opportunities

Season of summer: signs of growth, need for protection, abundance of distractions.

The season of autumn: successes and achievements, failures

A deal with god