Iconic Editorial


With the photographic work “Inquietus” the author wanted to express within the same title the feeling he experienced throughout the shooting.

In every shot there is a dark and mysterious sensation, with a sinister and attractive charm.

To give life to the right images, it was decided to use an ancient abandoned rock farmhouse as the main location, located in the countryside of San Basilio, near the city of Mottola, in the province of Taranto, in the south-western hinterland of the Puglia region. in southern Italy.


The scenario in question is surrounded by a luxuriant and rugged Gravina, typical of those green and wild areas.

It is precisely the place that has given life to the sense of unease placed as the focal theme of the entire editorial project.

Breathtaking towers, stairs full of brambles, rooms with very high vaults on which you could see the remains of plaster from a bygone era, now worn out due to the passage of time.

This story was inspired by

Placido was a widower when he was only twenty, his wife lost her life giving birth to their only son.

Fate continued to mock him again, taking away his son, who at the age of twenty committed suicide following a burning disappointment in love.

Placido loved art, he surrounded himself with beauty, the museum at Villa Floridiana in Naples is dedicated to him, but he decided to spend the last years of his life in his Casino, in the hope that someone could ease his pain.

Choice of outfit

The choice of outfits was important. Thanks to the collaboration with the artist Saverio Maggio, who created his personal creations for the project, it was possible to make the poetry inherent in the photographic story impactful.

Materials used

The study of materials and their processing produce artifacts that can be defined as diamonds of craftsmanship.

The craftsman is the one who with his work can provide us with the necessary tools to save us from the alienation, neurosis and anxiety typical of contemporary living, giving the world magic and enchantment, sustainably enhancing what the territory offers, guaranteeing green redevelopment processes without damaging the environment, but enhancing each context according to its potential.

A deal with god